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Cold Weather Hunting Gear

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Endure The Elements

Winter can bring the most drastic weather conditions, including rain, sleet, or snow. To be ready, you need to be smart about your layering system in order to endure the elements. The product choices below help you prepare for winter across your base next-to-skin layer, your mid layer, and full weather protection with our outer layer jackets.

    Cold Weather Sets

    Take on any forecast while others seek shelter. These kits will make the worst days bearable. Afterall, it’s nice having the mountain or field to yourself.

  • Outer Layers

    Consider these the armor you need to protect against wind, cold, rain, and snow—while keeping up with your every move.

  • Insulation

    Keep your warmth on lockdown. Whether you’re motionless behind glass for hours on end or covering miles of frozen tundra, we have the best insulation for you.

  • Mid Layers

    Strike the balance of comfort between an intense hike and settling behind the optics. Our mid layers breathe when you’re active and insulate while you’re still.

  • Base Layers

    The foundation to your cold weather layering system. Built to manage sweat and insulate, while keeping you comfortable.

  • Rain Gear

    Built for the days where nothing will get between you and your goal. Protect yourself from the strongest wind, rain, and snow with our rain gear.

  • Accessories

    Keeping your extremities warm will help maintain your focus and keep you ready for the shot.