KUIU Classic Belt

Dress up or down in KUIU’s Classic belt crafted by Bison Designs in Longmont, CO. Rugged 38mm spun Polyester webbing provides long-lasting durability and features a molded zinc buckle with the classic KUIU ram. Handcrafted in USA.

• Medium – 44” fits up to a 36” waist
• Large – 48” fits up to a 42” waist
• 38mm (1 ½”) spun Polyester webbing
• Molded Zinc buckle
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Product Overview

The KUIU Classic Belt was crafted by Bison® in Longmont, Colorado. The vintage-feel 38mm spun Polyester webbing is secured to a molded zinc, plaque style buckle. Metal plating on the end keeps the belt from fraying and allows for easy threading through your belt loops. This stylish belt is great for everyday wear or in the field on your next adventure.