No one puts outdoor gear to the test more than hunters: In their journeys, they endure conditions that would send others packing. Whether staying still or traversing rugged terrain for hours on end, the ability to withstand the conditions is often the difference between success and failure. Utilizing five environmental and activity factors, KUIU is obsessed with designing the world’s most innovative performance hunting gear so hunters can Persevere Out There.

Base Layer


The same hostile precipitation and elements that send some home can light a fire in others to keep going. KUIU combines waterproof, breathable membranes with the toughest and lightest fabrics made on earth. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, we keep you dry and protected for whatever you encounter when you're out there.


Activity Level

We design gear to mirror your every move. Central to that is an innovative layering system. Whether transitioning from short ascents with a spiked heart rate to settling behind the glass, KUIU’s robust layering system helps you thermoregulate. We leverage body-mapped textiles that insulate or breathe where you need it most. We focus on the details, such as built-in features like hip vents in our pants and pit zips in our jackets that ventilate body heat.

Base Layer


When it comes to combatting the outside temperature, our goal is a bold one: a zero change in your temperature, no matter what’s happening around you. Anyone can source materials like Merino, Down, Polyester, and Nylon, but we spend just as much time finding the ideal interplay between these materials in the field to make sure you’re successful in your journey. Whether it’s blistering desert heat or bitter cold, we’ll keep you out there by leveraging the best materials woven into the lightest, most dependable gear.



While hunting, there’s a time to hustle, and a time to stay still; you need a camouflage pattern that conceals you while doing both. Our Vias and Verde camouflage patterns do more than match the terrain you’re in—they break up the human outline. All to help you look like nothing at all and fool the wariest eyes in the world’s toughest terrains.

Base Layer


Whether you’re getting in a quick hunt before work, or spending weeks away from civilization, your commitment to the hunt is the same. At KUIU, our modular pack system allows you to build a pack that’s designed just for you, and how you hunt. Our sleep system offers the comfort of your own bed, but you’ll never know it’s on your back. We’re with you for every step of the journey—with room to spare when you meet success.