Kutana. Ultralight Meets Durability
Kutana. Ultralight Meets Durability

Kutana. Ultralight Meets Durability

For over 500 years, Japanese swordsmiths worked to improve the swords they built. They couldn’t improve the steel itself, so they took the steel they had and layered it in new ways.

The result was the sword they called the Katana. It’s durable, sharp-edged, and flexible, and it could never have been made without a relentless commitment to improving the sword making process.

With our partners, we set out to build better nylon fabrics. We took the highest-quality nylon fibers available and wove the fabric in new ways.

Kutana Stretch Woven Pant

Built in response to constant customer requests for a lightweight pant with enhanced pick and abrasion resistance, the Kutana Stretch Woven Pant handles unforgiving dense brush and rocky terrain.

With incredible tear strength and durability, this pant is much tougher than others in its weight class. Designed for early-to-mid-season hunts, the fit and stretch allow room for a base layer to be worn underneath in the cold, while zip-open hip vents provide easy cooling for warmer conditions.

Kutana Storm Shell Jacket and Pant

If you’re preparing for a tough hunt that’s wet and brush-choked, you need protection from a rain gear system that’s durable, lightweight, and dries quickly. The Kutana Storm Shell Jacket and Pant feature an entirely new microporous hydrophobic membrane that breathes even when activity level is minimal and absorbs very little water for incredibly fast dry times.

The durable stretch nylon 6/6 face fabric offers great tear strength for its weight, and will stay dry longer due to a new, more durable K-DWR treatment. The new Torain 3-layer construction from Toray adds a revolutionary new seam tape that, along with the membrane, give enhanced hydrolysis resistance for significantly improved garment longevity.

Kutana Storm Gaiter

At less than 4 oz each, this ultralight design won’t hinder your decision to use a gaiter in unpredictable weather. They’re perfect for keeping heavy rain, light snow, and debris from entering the top of your boots. When being quiet is a must, they streamline the lower pant leg, minimizing cuff-to-cuff contact.

Built from the same material as the Kutana Storm Shell Jacket and Pant, this gaiter features a hook-and-loop anchored boot strap that easily adjusts to your boots without the use of buckles. The TPU coated boot strap is highly durable, even across sharp rocks.

The top closure draw cord features an easy-to-use cinch system with split ends to avoid snags on brush. A silicone print traction strip also keeps the gaiter held in place.

The Kutana Gaiter is positioned between the KUIU Scree and Yukon gaiters, making it the ideal choice when wet weather is unavoidable, and temperatures are moderate.

Kutana Hybrid 3DeFX+ Jacket

Mid-to-late-season hunts require a versatile jacket that can perform different roles depending on the conditions and your activity level. The Kutana Hybrid 3DeFX+ Jacket delivers with a mid-layer fit, light insulation, durability, and wind resistance.

Leveraging a body-mapped hybrid design, the jacket features 3DeFX+ synthetic insulation (40 gram) across the chest and tops of the arms. Across the back where your pack rests and under the arms, we use a high-loft Karuishi breathable fleece (280g/m2).

With extra durability from Primeflex nylon 6/6 fabric and StrongFleece’s hard-faced Karuishi fleece, this jacket is more versatile than most insulation pieces. Zippered hand pockets with built-in vents improve air circulation across the front of body, while the newly enhanced K-DWR it sheds light rain and snow.

Kutana Gale Force Hooded Jacket and Pant

Applying all the necessary layers to protect against extreme cold, wind, rain, and snow can leave you feeling restricted and uncomfortable. The Kutana Gale Force Hooded Jacket and Pant answer with waterproof protection, body-mapped insulation, and an uncompromised fit—all in one. This purpose-built solution allows you to hunt in conditions most wouldn’t consider.

Since 2015, Gale Force prototypes have been tested in the worst conditions found. From the Arctic to the Lower-48, and from Bering Sea to the Pamir Mountains of Asia, product testers report braving extreme wind, rain, snow, and temperatures as low as -40 °F (-40 °C).

Built with the same outer shell as the Kutana Storm Shell rain gear, the Gale Force set is waterproof, windproof, and insulated with body-mapped 3DeFX+ insulation throughout for optimal temperature regulation.

Body mapped 3DeFX+ Jacket:
  • 90g in hood/sleeves/body sides
  • 150g in front body/back body/shoulder
  • 60g in collar and cuffs
  • Body mapped 3DeFX+ Pant:
  • 90g in main panels
  • 60g in high-waist/hem/gusset
  • Why are spandex stretch fabrics a poor choice for hunting apparel?

    Fabrics that get their stretch from spandex, elastane, or elastic are heavy, absorb and retain moisture, break down over time, and grow odor causing bacteria—attributes that do not belong on any hunt.

    Our Primeflex stretch nylon fabrics gain their stretch from the shape of the fiber and the fabric structure, eliminating spandex for quicker dry times, better performance, longer life expectancy, and minimized odor.


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