All-Season Performance with Peloton Base and Mid-Layers
All-Season Performance with Peloton Base and Mid-Layers

All-Season Performance with Peloton Base and Mid-Layers

The Peloton line-up of synthetic base and mid-layers are a top choice for hunters that face a wide range of conditions and variable stop-and-go exertion levels. By leveraging the layers on their own, paired together, and along with necessary protective outer layers - you can scale your level of warmth and comfort for any hunt condition.

When KUIU set out to design the Peloton line-up of base and mid layers, the requirements were clear-cut:

Ultralight in weight.
Every ounce adds up, especially when you’re traveling substantial distances. Regardless of the shape you’re in, peak performance can’t happen if you’re weighed down.

Standing up to wear-and-tear is vital, durability can’t be sacrificed for weight, and the gear must last for multiple hunting seasons.

Quick drying.
Whether you get caught out in a storm or sweat on the unrelenting hike to the top, your base and mid layers must absorb moisture, wick it away from your skin, and evaporate it quickly.

No Spandex, Elastic, or Elastane.
Spandex is heavy, it retains moisture, it’s slow to dry, and creates a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. Over time, it breaks down and loses its stretch, resulting in replacing your gear more often.

Odor resistant.
While packing in for weeks at a time, you don’t have the luxury of packing in and wearing clean clothes every day of your hunt. Long lasting odor reducing treatment is a must.

Being dead silent is must, especially for bowhunting. When you've closed the distance, you need gear that allows you to make subtle movements without making unwanted noise.

Built from premium materials, technologies, and treatments, Peloton is made without compromise.



Primeflex fabric solves the problem of restrictive clothing by utilizing a patented spiral yarn that allows the fabric to stretch and recover without using spandex. Primeflex fabrics are quick dry and offer durability, comfort, and stretch without the weight.


KARUISHI® FLEECE Peloton 97 and 200

Warmth doesn’t come at the price of added weight. Unlike orinary fleece, Karuishi Fleece uses a 2-layer knit structure with a brushed fleece interior for more loft and better insulating properties, while the exterior is tightly woven for higher abrasion resistance. Features quiet ultra-fine polyester fibers for an ultra-soft feel with a hydrophobic nature that wicks moisture away from your skin.


MAKSPEC® Odor Control

Engineered as a medical-grade odor controlling treatment, Makspec fights odor causing bacterial growth. Its technology disperses the odor controlling agents on an individual fiber level. The results are higher durability than conventional finishes where the agent only adhere to the fabric surface.