Pronghorn Antelope Hunting Gear List
Pronghorn Antelope Hunting Gear List

Pronghorn Antelope Hunting Gear List

September 25, 2020

Pronghorn antelope hunting is quite different from most hunts out west.

There are a few major factors that go into choosing a good antelope hunting gear list that will help you cover a lot of ground and hunt all day long.

Go as light and minimal as possible. 

For example, if the forecast is looking clear, leave your rain gear at the vehicle. If the temperatures are mild, you can probably leave the insulation in the truck. Staying light and nimble on your feet with only the gear you need will put you more than steps ahead on a multi-day hunt.

What’s the best camo pattern for Pronghorn Antelope hunting?

Keep protected.

The ideal pronghorn antelope hunting pants are the Tiburon and Kutana Stretch Woven. They will keep you cool and protected. The Tiburon has better breathability, whereas the Kutana has better pick resistance for dealing with sharp rock, brush, and cactus.

Cactus is often encountered so a good pair of leather palmed gloves, like the Attack Glove, and plastic or leather kneecaps can be a good idea.

For late-season pronghorn antelope hunting, layering in a Kenai Ultra, Guide DCS Jacket, and Zip-Off Bottoms will help sustain the colder temperatures.

Stay Hydrated.

The Platypus Hoser holds 3 liters / 120 ounces of water, and stows in all our packs.

Single trip pack out is a must.

Each pack features a load sling mode that expands an extra 2500 cubic inches between the frame and the bag, which is plenty of room for a quartered antelope.

The amount of time it takes you to get your antelope skinned, quartered, in game bags, and on ice is a determining factor on the quality of table fare. Keep coolers of ice, with the water drained, ready for the meat. Even if you harvest near a road, and hauling it out on your back isn’t required, it’s still a good idea to skin, quarter, and get it on ice within the hour of harvest.

Pronghorn Antelope Hunting gear list.


ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-T Hoodie

Kutana Stretch Woven Pant

Guide DCS Jacket

Kenai ULTRA Jacket

Flexfit Delta Cap

Attack Glove

ULTRA Merino 145 Neck Gaiter

Scree Gaiter

StrongWool Hybrid Crew Sock

Chugach Rain Gear Set


PRO 2300 Full Kit

Bow Holder

Quick Draw Gun Holder

PRO Bino Harness

Range Finder Holder HL

PRO Hydration Rig

Platypus-KUIU Hoser

Game Bags

2 Medium Quarter Game Bags

2 Small KUIU Boned-Out Game Bags

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