Tuktu Hunting
Tuktu Hunting

Tuktu Hunting

by Tony Mudd

Immersing ourselves in a Culture that has thrived for over 5000 years in one of the harshest environments in the world had adventure written all over it.

It was that adventurous spirit that lead me to Canada North Outfitting and the Arctic in the spring of 2017. To some the Arctic is an inhospitable place, to others it spells ADVENTURE, a land of tremendous colorful beauty in the Summer and Fall to a harshness beauty of the late fall, winter and spring months. It was the unparalleled hunting opportunities and dangerous adventures that drew me in.

After joining the Canada North Outfitting team in the fall of 2017, I was asked if I would do an exploratory archery Central Canada Barren Ground Caribou (Tuktu) hunt in a new area in Nunavut, Canada, in the fall of 2018.

The areas Canada North Outfitting operates in are at the crossroads of several large migrating caribou herds, this allows our experienced Inuit guide partners to explore and locate the best new locations.

When a long-time bow hunting friend Dyrk Eddie of Montana, said he’d like to join me, the planning began. Dyrk and I would be doing this exploratory Hunt which was incredibly exciting.

Prior to leaving the US, Gina Kottke Canada North’s Logistics Coordinator had both Dyrk and I very detailed itineraries, spelling out flight times, accommodations and confirmation numbers making the travel much more relaxing and enjoyable.