KUIU Stove Jack

The KUIU Stove Jack allows use of an ultralight stove inside your Summit Refuge 3P tent without having to make permanent modifications to the tent.


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KUIU Stove Jack
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Extend usage of the Summit refuge 3P into the late fall and winter months with the Stove Jack accessory and an ultralight stove (not included). With no permanent modifications needed to your tent, you won't have to carry the extra weight of the heat resistant material and deal with the compromised waterproofness that you get with most stove compatible tents. The Stove Jack zips into the door opening and an attachment to the roof peak allows you to adjust the angle to keep the stove pipe away from the tent wall.

  • Compression fit between zipper and rain flap
  • Clips to door fabric along the bottom edge for secure fit
  • Designed to be weather resistant other than at the stovepipe hole
  • Made from rigid plastic and silicone-impregnated fiberglass heat resistant fabric
  • 2.5 in (6.4 cm) diameter pipe hole, can be cut larger
  • 4.7 oz (133 g) total weight
  • Length 18.5 in / 7.1cm, Width 9.5 in / 11.4 cm