Our founder Jason Hairston was the origin of KUIU’s commitment to the relentless pursuit of innovation. Jason built KUIU on three guiding principles that continue to direct our approach to product development today: a technical layering system, reducing weight without sacrificing performance, and a continuous search for better technology.

Technical Layering System

A technical layering system is comprised of three core layers: a next-to-skin base layer, mid-layer/insulation, and protective outer layers. While backpackers and mountaineers had been using this concept for years, Jason pioneered its use to build a hunting system.

A technical layering system allows you to choose the optimal technology for each individual layer, personalized for your activity level, outdoor conditions, and personal preferences.

Jason’s experience as a mountain hunter helped shape his view that a layering-based approach to building performance apparel was critical, rather than creating single-application pieces for specific situations.

Ultralight: A Competitive Advantage

Jason believed that every ounce counted and studied the effects of backpack weight on human performance to better understand the importance of an ultralight kit.

Because of his research, he was resolved to develop high-performance hunting gear that was economical in space and pack weight.

In pursuit of the wariest game in the most rugged conditions, Ultralight gear could not come at the cost of performance: it had to meet the standard of a sheep hunt.

The Relentless Search for Better Technology

Based on experiences of gear letting hunters down, Jason sought after the best materials that would stand up to the most extreme conditions.

Jason knew that the right technology shouldn’t be compromised to cut costs, and structured KUIU’s direct business model to harness technology and construction too expensive for most retail companies. Rather than committing to the limitations of manufacturing in a single country, he chose the best factories and technology, regardless of location.

He proudly revealed our suppliers, believing that showcasing high-quality ingredients would lead to better education for the outdoor community.

Every day, these principles continue to guide our company. Click here to learn more about Jason's original vision for KUIU in his own words.

Compare our jackets

Compare Our Jackets

Our jackets offer protection and features to surpass your demanding needs. From cool weather to bitter cold, we have the right jacket for you.

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Compare Our Pants

Our pants offer protection and features to surpass your demanding needs. From ultralight to heavy duty, we have the right pant for you.

Do Your Research: Packs

Do Your Research: Packs

Whether you’re going out for one day or 14, KUIU’s PRO backpack system features five key sizes, so you have the right pack every time.

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Do Your Research: Boots

Whatever you’re hunting, our high-performance boots take on any pursuit and keep your feet comfortable and supported in any terrain.