Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover

Replenishes the broad array of nutrients that are consumed during exercise by refilling fluid reservoirs, and keeping your body and brain fueled for increased endurance.

• 25 simple to use single-serve packets.
• Improves hydration
• Electrolytes and carbohydrate replenishment
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Product Overview

Reenergize your body and mind

Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover is the latest generation of sports drinks, incorporating all the current science related to re-hydrating and refueling your muscles to meet the demands of physical activity. By replenishing the broad array of nutrients that are consumed during exercise, and by refilling fluid “reservoirs,” Hydrate & Recover keeps your body and brain fueled for increased endurance and ready to meet the next challenge.

• Precisely balanced electrolyte and mineral composition to support proper hydration, energy metabolism, and physical endurance
• Isotonic formulation ensures fast gastric emptying, rushing fluids to muscles and organs where they’re needed most
• Contains no artificial colors, flavors, stabilizers, or preservatives
• Low Glycemic Index (GI) sugars combined with complex carbohydrates and L-Glutamine help support increased endurance and prevent fatigue
• Includes Glucosamine to maintain and nourish joints and retain their proper fluid levels
• Provides energy cycle cofactors and standardized botanical extracts for sustained ATP (energy) production throughout the body

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