ULTRA Merino Crew Sock

Featuring Nuyarn technology, the ULTRA Merino Crew Sock is a lightweight, technical sock that can be worn comfortably for days on end, protecting your feet from difficult mountain terrain.

• 3.1 oz - pair
• 100% Nuyarn ULTRA Merino Wool next to skin
• Anatomical fit with elasticated arch and ankle to grip the foot for blister-free wear
• Strategic padding in areas of heavy wear and vulnerability
• Moisture wicking & naturally odor reducing

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Product Overview

Keep your feet comfortable and dry

Developed in New Zealand, Nuyarn technology has revolutionized the Merino wool market. Taking the twist out of the yarn has produced a fabric with higher stretch and recovery, better moisture management, and greater warmth. It is stronger than the average Merino wool on the market, yet boasts the same natural odor resistance and comfort.

KUIU socks are a product of our partnership with The Merino Company and the family-owned, New Zealand Sock Company. With TMC's patented Nuyarn technology, and The NZ Sock Company's expertise, KUIU has created the most technically advanced socks in the hunting industry.

KUIU’s ULTRA Merino socks are designed for high-stress outdoor activity where additional technical support of the feet is required. The style and shape compliments a wide range of footwear while adding protection to your feet. Highly breathable and moisture wicking, this sock molds to your feet, ensuring shear friction is reduced and skin integrity is kept optimal.

Each sock is strategically knitted so that there is only Merino wool next to the skin, allowing all it's natural moisture wicking and odor reducing properties to stay in effect. Additional yarn thickness in high wear areas helps protect the feet with cushioning and adds longevity to the life of the sock. Elastic fibers are knitted through the middle of the sock to maintain a strong grip around the arch and ankle, allowing for minimal friction and blister-free wear. Strong Nylon fibers are then blended through the outer face of the sock for added durability.

• 55% Merino Wool / 25% Nylon / 15% Lycra / 5% Spandex
• Thermo regulating
• Shock absorbing
• 3 x 1 Rib Cuff to hold sock up & stay in place
• Shin protection pad
• Extra thick ankle protection and high heel Achilles cushioning
• Paladin™ Protection Pad relieves pressure from boot laces, protects the top of the foot, and promotes blood flow
• Elasticated arch to lock sock onto foot (Elastic Support System™) ensures minimal bunching and no ride down, assisting in blister-free wear
• Seamless toe closure for ridge free comfort
• Left & Right construction for anatomical fit
• Made in New Zealand


Nuyarn® by The Merino Wool Company

Changing the Very Fabric of Yarn

KUIU’s quest for the finest ingredients led us to New Zealand, where they take their wool remarkably seriously. Nuyarn is not a new fabric, it’s a new way of making fabric. 

Classic yarns twist fibers together for strength, which leaves ends poking out. Nuyarn takes the twist out, and instead lays fibers along the same orientation, so fabrics feel less prickly and more comfortable yet become stronger. Nuyarn lower-density fabrics let lighter-weight garments outperform heavier traditional ring spun garments.

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