Mountain Fit Training Sock

This multi-use Training Sock is optimal for trail running, workouts in the gym and for everyday wear. Made with Nuyarn Merino Wool for moisture management and odor control, the Training Sock combines a technical build and strategic padding for a sock that excels at high-impact activity. Specific left and right foot construction ensure an anatomical fit, while the Elastic Support System™ minimizes bunching and ride down. Guaranteed comfort and protection all day long.

• 1.5 oz. (pair)
• Ankle length
• Nuyarn ULTRA Merino Wool around a Nylon Core
• 100% Merino Wool Next-to-Skin
• Strategic design and padding
• Naturally odor reducing
• Moisture wicking
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SKU # 87107
  • lifetime warranty on all our gear

Product Overview

Developed in New Zealand, Nuyarn technology has revolutionized the Merino wool market. Taking the twist out of the yarn has produced a fabric with higher stretch and recovery, better moisture management, and greater warmth. It is stronger than the average Merino wool on the market, yet boasts the same natural odor resistance and comfort.

KUIU’s ULTRA Merino socks are designed for high-stress outdoor activity where additional technical support of the feet is required. The style and shape compliments a wide range of footwear while adding protection to your feet. Highly breathable and moisture wicking, this sock molds to your feet, ensuring shear friction is reduced and skin integrity is kept optimal.

• Nuyarn ULTRA Merino Wool around a Nylon core, 100% Merino Wool next to skin.
• Paladin™ Protection Pad relieves pressure and promotes blood flow
• Elastic fibers strategically blended in at key spots for optimal fit
• Strategic padding in areas of heavy wear and vulnerability
• Mesh construction for breathability and moisture control
• Seamless toe closure for ridge free comfort
• Left & Right construction for anatomical fit
• Reinforced for durability
• Naturally odor reducing
• Achilles cushioning
• Thermo regulating
• Shock absorbing
• Moisture wicking
• Made in New Zealand

• Aero Tee
• Air Mesh Short
• Hoodie
• Training Pant
• Training Sock
• 2000 Gym Bag

The six-piece Mountain Fit collection combines KUIU design and high-performance Toray fabrics to make a kit specifically designed for crossover training, whether it be gym, trail, or backpack based.

Each piece is purpose-built with design features to maximize performance, keeping you as dry and comfortable as possible during a hard workout. Mountain hunting can be a brutally athletic pursuit. At KUIU we believe year-round training is key to success on a difficult hunt.

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