Ammo Holder HL

Designed to provide quick access to 6 rifle shells attached to the bottom of your newly updated 2018 KUIU Binocular Harness. Secure and quiet, with hook and loop attachment, you will never know it’s there until you need it.

• Weight 0.7 oz
• Holds bullets within easy reach

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Product Overview

The new KUIU Ammo Holder is a light-weight accessory for the 2018 KUIU Binocular Harness. Staggered bullet placement keeps ammunition both quiet and protected, while a hook and loop base ensures secure attachment. Bullets are kept within reach for easy access without interfering with the Binocular Harness fit or function, making the Ammo Holder a must-have accessory for any rifle hunter.

• Hook and loop base for secure attachment
• Capacity 6 shells, from .243 to .300 Magnums
• Nylon fabric with elastic loops
• Staggered placement keeps bullets quiet and undamaged

*Ammo Holder HL only fits 2018 and newer Bino Harnesses equipped with the hook-and-loop connection patch located at the bottom panel of the bino harness pocket.