MSR Reactor 1.0L Stove System

Not only is the Reactor Stove System the fastest and most fuel efficient stove ever made, it's the only one that delivers that level of performance in the cold and wind of the real world.

• 14.7 oz
• State-of-the-art stove and high-efficiency cookware are combined into a compact, self-contained and easy-to-use system.
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Product Overview

The most efficient fuel stove ever made

With the Reactor’s industry-leading boil time and efficiency, you'll burn less fuel, carry less fuel, and move faster than with any other stove available. And with MSR's proven quality and durability, you can be assured of that performance to pull you through when you need it most. The 1-Liter size is perfect for 1-2 people, and the self-contained system can also be split up for equal weight in multiple packs.

• 80 minutes per 8oz canister burn time
• 3.5 minute 1L boil time
• 20 L boiled per 8 oz canister

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