For years, hunting camouflage tried to make you look like a stick or a leaf. It blended into one blob of color, making it easier for game to spot you.

KUIU camouflage has transformed what a hunter should expect from camouflage. To engineer the most technical hunting camo, we gathered rigorous feedback from the best hunters around the world. In our relentless pursuit of innovation, we researched how apex predators like tigers, leopards, and African wild dogs conceal themselves from prey. Once prototyped, KUIU camo was then put to the test by our trusted guide & outfitter community on hunts at the edges of the earth.

KUIU’s approach to camo centers on our unique use of contrast. We feature both high or low-contrast tones. As a result, our patterns mask and break up the human outline at both close and long ranges, across a variety of terrains and vegetation types.

KUIU offers three hunting camo options that help you span the various vegetations and terrains you encounter. KUIU’s patterns provide the optimal mix of blending, concealment, and break up.

Valo, Verde, or Vias

Wondering what camo pattern is best for you? Listen in as KUIU's Shaun Ayers explains when and where you would use the Valo, Verde, and Vias camouflage patterns.

Breaking up the human outline across a diverse landscape is critically important for rifle hunters, bow hunters, or other outdoor activities where you want to get as close to an animal as you can without being spotted. During a stalk, you often need to go within full view of an animal—through clearings between sections of cover—and our camouflage will help you go undetected both at close and longer contact ranges.


Valo features a low-contrast, large macro pattern with micro details to retain breakup from close range to 200+ yards. It features light complex colors, including desert tan, prairie-grass yellow, stone grey, coyote brown, olive drab, and minimal black that take on the appearance of their surroundings. It’s visually best for uniform, dormant vegetation, including deciduous hardwoods, tundra, sage, underbrush and grass.



Verde is a high-contrast, large macro pattern with micro details. It’s designed to retain breakup from close range to 200+ yards. Colors include tan, olive, grey, green, and black. Verde is the best year-round pattern for evergreen forest environments. Visually, it works best for green vegetation, tundra, grasslands, and deciduous forest environments before frost burning.

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Vias is a high-contrast, large macro pattern designed to retain breakup at 200+ yards. Colors include tan, light grey, dark grey, brown, and black. It’s the best pattern for year-round use in high-contrast scree, talus, and boulder environments. Visually, it works best for fall or late-season hunting after the frost burn in grey tree environments and areas above timberline.

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