Four Question To Ask Yourself Before Each Hunt
Four Question To Ask Yourself Before Each Hunt

Four Question To Ask Yourself Before Each Hunt

The Challenges of the Hunt Are What Drives You

You train hard, relentlessly research, and go all-out to own the best gear. Your hunts are around the corner, but are you really ready? Are you ready to get there? face the elements? stay focused? enjoy your success? You’re gearing up to accomplish a goal on your next hunt, but you also don’t want it to come easy. Let us help put you in a position for a hard-earned win.

1. Are You Ready to Get There and Back?

We want you to focus on the hunt and not get distracted by the chaos of traveling. You want to get to the destination ready to hunt with equipment in check. You bring a lot of necessary gear, even on hunts within your home state. Hauling and organizing the items that get the nod-of-approval for the trip can be a challenge.

Your gear takes a lot of abuse, especially getting it to-and-from your hunt. Whether it’s bouncing around in the back of your truck or getting thrown around by a baggage handler who’s having a bad day, protecting your gear is vital. The TAKU bag series purposefully stows your pack and gear in one grab-and-go convenient solution, e.g. tripod, trekking poles, boots etc.

Our line-up of Extreema bags, roll top, and zipper dry bags are a solution for all the smaller items that end up in your pack. Perfect for storing food, electronics, kill-kit, toiletries, and mountain essentials.

Getting yourself to the destination and home in comfort is also important. Our line-up of solid color clothing not only hold up to the stress of traveling, they look and feel great too.

2. Are You Ready to Face the Elements?

KUIU was built on the objective of ensuring you are prepared for all the conditions you may encounter. Leverage our years of experience in innovation, testing, and refinement to ensure you’re protected for whatever mother nature throws your way. Our ultralight layering system is unrivaled. The ability to quickly and comfortably adapt to any situation or conditions that will come your way, adds confidence to the unexpected. From scorching heat to extreme cold and everything between. We have your back.

Our comprehensive layering system is made of up of base, mid, insulation, and outer layers that allow you to effortlessly withstand the changing weather and your stop-and-go activity levels.

3. Are You Ready to Stay Focused?

You may only get to hunt a few weeks out of the entire year, so staying focused on a hunt and not giving into mental and physical challenges helps set the tone for success. Often, it’s the small things that keep you sane while hunting.

Get a good night’s sleep. A warm sleeping bag, comfortable sleeping pad, and a sturdy tent that will keep the bugs and elements out are essential pieces to being sufficiently rested.

Pack food that you like to eat. Sounds obvious, but a lot of hunters go too heavy on protein bars and freeze-dried food that don’t sit well after a few days of intake. You’re better off bringing food that you like, but only if the overall weight of it is within reason.

It’s okay to embrace a little tech, but one of the best parts of hunting is the time away from it. We’re all on our phones too much, use the time on the mountain as an escape from your vices. If staying in touch with home brings mental comfort, the Garmin InReach Mini is a great way of letting them know you’re doing ok.

4. Are You Ready to Enjoy the Misery of Success

After all your hard work and preparation has paid off, and you achieved what you set out to do—the real work begins. Getting your harvest field-dressed and cooled off as quickly and cleanly as possible is incredibly important, especially in the early-season.

Once you get the meat loaded up and, on your back, any flaw in your system will become evident—it’s a true test of your gear and how in-shape you are. That’s why you buy the best gear and train your body for the worst conditions.

Our Carbon Fiber Frame and PRO Suspension is designed to take on more than you can physically haul, ensuring your pack isn’t the weakest link. Each PRO and ULTRA pack is easily converted to load sling mode, which allows you to separate the bag from the frame. This creates an extra 2,500 cubic inch of space to haul your camp and meat back to the trailhead.

Boned-out and Quarter Game Bags are available in multiple sizes to help you manage any big game animal. They do a fantastic job at allowing airflow through the fabric to help the meat cool while keeping the dirt and flies at bay. Once your meat is loaded in the bags, secure them in your pack or the load-sling to start the journey home.

A big part of enjoying the hunt is knowing you’re not at your real job. Take time to enjoy the moment where you’re at, and don’t forget to take pictures, not every hunt ends with a bill from the taxidermist.