Our QuixDownTM is sourced from Poland, where an ideal climate, sustainable farming practices, and a long breeding history allows geese to produce the world’s most lofty and long-lasting insulation plumage. After harvest, the high quality 850+ fill power down is sent to Kawada Feather in Meiwa, Japan where it is processed to a 95:5 down:feather ratio. Each cluster is treated with Toray’s Kudos® XR DWR (Durable Water Repellent), making it impervious to water. This allows you, the end user, to never have to worry about your Super Down products losing its loft when subjected to moisture.

Kawada Feather Video

We exclusively use goose down, processed by Kawada Feather in Japan. Mr. Toshikatsu Kawada is the leading expert on down selection and production. He collaborated with Toray to create QuixDownTM. In 2015, we had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Kawada personally and touring his factory. The equipment and processes he has developed revolutionized the down industry forever. We are fortunate to be able to share this experience with you.

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  • 850+ FILL POWER

idfl independent testing

Due to a lack of regulation for down products in the U.S. companies can market their down products without any testing or validation of their fill power and temperature ratings. To validate our claims and ratings, we sent our down to the IDFL (International Down and Feather Laboratory) for independent 3rd party testing. They put our down through three different tests:

Content Analysis - Test to determine the down:feather ratio.

Fill Power - Tests the loft of the down by placing 1 oz of down into a Lorch Cylinder and measuring the volume in cubic inches.

Hydrophobic Shake Test - Tests the longevity of the DWR coating on the down. This is measured on a scale of 1-5. 1 being completely saturated and submerged, and 5 being unaffected and still floating on the water's surface.

The chart below shows the results of a hydrophobic shake test comparison between QuixDownTM and two water resistant down competitors. After 1000 minutes of shaking, QuixDownTM remained unaffected at a level 5.


A Look at IDFL

International Down and Feather Laboratory, or IDFL, is one of the world's foremost authorities on testing down and other filled textile insulation. The outdoor industry throws around terms like loft, fill power, down percentage, and DWR, but what do those terms tell us? This film reveals IDFL's procedures, showing what the numbers on the spec sheet really mean, and gives a never-before-seen look into KUIU's process for certifying the Toray Quixdown found in our Super Down products.

a look at idfl

Mr. Toshikatsu Kawada's family has been in the down business for five generations, and he has dedicated his life to creating the perfect feather. In this documentary portrait, we meet the man behind KUIU's innovative Super Down products, and catch a glimpse of his passion and absolute devotion to quality.



Down is incredibly lightweight and has the highest warmth:weight ratio of any insulation materials available. Another benefit of down is its ability to compress and take up minimal space in your pack, which is why we designed all our down garments to stuff into their own pockets. Warmth, weight, and ability to compress are all reasons that a down insulation piece should be part of everyone's layering system.

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super down pro

The PRO name in a KUIU product signifies a design priority for durability and full featured performance.

When the temperature drops and warmth becomes more about survival than comfort, more down is necessary. Packed with Toray’s water resistant QuixDownTM, this is the warmest insulation piece we have come out with to-date. Combine both jacket and pant for superior cold weather performance.

  • - Garment Weight: Jacket - 13.4 oz | Pant - 16 oz
  • - Down Fill: Jacket - 5 oz | Pant - 3.2 oz
  • - Down & Fabric treated with DWR
  • - Pit Zips on jacket for ventilation
  • - Full length side zippers on pants for easy on and off
  • - Windproof face fabric
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super down ultra

The ULTRA name in a KUIU product signifies a design priority for streamlined construction and ultra-lightweight.

Designed for the outdoor enthusiast searching for an insulating mid-layer with minimal weight penalty. Constructed with a 12D nylon ripstop that stretches with your body minimizing restriction. With a streamlined and weight conscious design this pant and jacket set offer exceptional warmth while not weighing you down.

  • - Garment Weight: Jacket - 7.9 oz | Pant - 8 oz
  • - Down Fill: Jacket - 2.3 oz | Pant - 1.7 oz
  • - Down & Fabric treated with DWR
  • - Cinchable hood and hem to trap heat
  • - Full length side zippers on pants for easy on and off
  • - Windproof face fabric
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